Friday, February 6, 2015

2015 Polymer Clay Challenge Week 5

Yay! Another vase! Many views, one vase. As usual, I wasn't sure I liked it until it was completed... Click on the picture to enlarge. Pardon the cat fur on the background fabric!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 Polymer Clay Challenge - week 4, and a catch-up for week 1

I was very busy the first week of January, bathrooms torn out and chaos everywhere. So I spent some time this past week on a smaller vase to fill that week 1 spot - keeping it simple, which is very very hard for me to do. My inclination is to keep filling the space, so I forced myself to stop!

The week 4 vase is a mixture of simplicity and doodle. I need to take some pictures that are not in front of a window, but for now... The top is sort of a skyward view, the bottom more of a ground view with a stream running through it.


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 Polymer Clay Challenge week 3

A quick post before bed for week 3. An egg, but one with a neutral color scheme. It was hard not to add color, and that was definitely a challenge.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Week 2 of 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge

Yes, I know - I did not post a week one! I'm hoping to catch up and post an extra piece to make up for that lost week.

This piece is an extension of my doodling creations. I used a vase that I found in my stash that had an interesting shape and went to town. I photographed it from different sides - this is all one vase. I love it, and it may have a buyer.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Polymer Clay Challenge

At the end of last year, I made the decision to sign up for the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge. I will be making something for this challenge each week. Here are the "rules" via Katie of Kater's Acres:

How to Join

  1. Make a decision what you will commit to making from clay during the course of 2015.
  2. Write a blog post announcing your commitment to join the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge.
  3. Grab the button below & add it to your website.
  4. Leave your name & website in the COMMENTS below linking your written statement of what you will commit to making with polymer clay in 2015.
  5. Throughout the year, write a blog post and tell us (the polymer clay community) how you are doing.
  6. Share throughout social media using #2015PCchallenge
  7. Join the FaceBook Group here.

This is a free endeavor with no strings attached! Simply challenge yourself & commit to being creative in 2015.

I hadn't decided what I was going to challenge myself to do, but I knew I wanted to challenge myself to do something! Then, several things happened all at once. 

Our little Miss Charlie kitty became very ill and was diagnosed with kidney failure at 21 years of age, and we had to make that tough decision to let her go with dignity. At the same time, demolition of our upstairs bathrooms began... a very much needed renovation, but full of noise and decision making stress. I've seen more of Menards, Lowes and Home Depot than I thought I'd see in my lifetime. And finally, my hands got progressively more painful, with my trigger finger (middle finger, right hand, of course) really seizing up.

So. I did not get started on the first week of the challenge as I had planned.

But now, one bathroom is finished and usable. Okay, it's usable, still needs some final touches. And I was drawn to my clay table.

So, long story short, even though my hands are still a problem, I have made a decision on what I will be doing for my challenge. I want to challenge myself to create one large piece per week - larger than bead sized. Vases, bowls, frames, sculptural pieces, you name it. I have completed my first piece, which I will present in the next blog post.

Let the games begin!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Choosy Chicks Choose Chicklets Challenge: Reveal!

When Toltec Jewels mentioned on a facebook group that she was going to be having sign-ups for a challenge using SueBeads' chicklet beads, I was practically chomping at the bit. I knew right away that I wanted to make earrings from them, so I signed up as soon as I could!!

I received an orangish bead. I admit, not my favorite color... but oddly enough, one that I've been leaning toward more often subconsciously! I immediately purchased a second one from Sue. Then, of course, I procrastinated about making something with them.

Three days ago, I suddenly realized that the time was fast approaching! So, I made my earrings, and I like them. Not sure this will be the final incarnation, but for now, I will wear them proudly. The beads are accompanied by my own polymer clay round beads and some pale yellow swarovski dangles.

No doubt I will need some other colors in the not so distant future.

Guest of Honor & Featured Artist:  Susan Kennedy

Sue Kennedy's blogs:                               SueBeads...A Beady Girl's blog
                                                               Art Jewelry Elements
Sue Kennedy's website                            SueBeads
SueBeads Art Beads                                SueBeads


Toltec Jewels                                 


Linda Anderson                             

Jennifer Reno                                 

Shirley Moore                                

Kristen Stevens                              

Marybeth Rich                               

Jael Thorp                                      

Melissa Trudinger                           

Andrea Glick                                  

Nan Smith                                      

Blanca Medina                               

Shai Williams                                  

Carolyn Lawson                             

Rana Wilson                                   

Robin Reed                                    

Robin Showstack                           

Sheila Prosterman                           

Karla Morgan                                

Kari Asbury                                   

Kelly Rodgers                                

Jayne Capps                                  

Mischelle Andrade Fanucchi          

Heather Richter                             

Chris Eisenberg                             

Kathleen Breeding                         

Linda Landig                                 

Crystal Thain                                 

Cheri Reed                                    

Heather d-Entremont                     

Dini Bruinsma                                

Lori Schneider                               

Tammy Adams                              

Melinda Orr                                  

Lennis Carrier                               

Cynthia Machata                           

Elizabeth Hodges                          

Debbie Rasmussen                        

Tanya McGuire                             

Charlie Jacka                                

Ev Shelby                                     

Sharyl McMillian-Nelson              

Jasvanti Patel